Classic celebrity ‘beefs’ you probably didn’t know about and why you should

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In the long history of showbiz, there has never been a shortage of celebrity “beefs” and drama as there is always cooking up between two people who seem to have it all but peace of mind.

No matter how petty these dramas may seem, you can’t deny that they do attract a lot of attention and speculation from the public. As spectators, we can only imagine how things are and decide on which star to side with and defend.

Here are some of the classic celebrity beefs/feuds that you probably haven’t heard of but need to learn about right now:

Nicki Minaj vs. Mariah Carey

If there is one thing that the queen of rap—Nicki Minaj—is known for, is her no filter personality as she is not afraid to call out people no matter how famous they are. This was particularly heightened when she had quite the feud with multiple Grammy award winner Mariah Carey. Both met and worked as judges in “American Idol” season 12 and the feud escalated when Nicki allegedly threatened the singer with a gun. The feud was said to have started with Mariah Carey saying that the rapper didn’t know how to sing and didn’t deserve to be a judge in the show, thus, a diva showdown throughout the entire season was born.

Lindsey Lohan vs. Paris Hilton

The early and late 2000s were a wild time for celebrities whose careers peaked during the time, and two of those celebrities are then child star Lindsey Lohan and hotel heiress Paris Hilton.

Both were known to be friends as they were constantly spotted from one party after another. However, things took a bad turn when Lohan was spotted hanging out with Hilton’s ex-boyfriend, Stavros Niarchos. Things heated up when one of Hilton’s friends publicly dissed Lohan, flinging multiple insults to which Hilton agreed by pretending to be on a phone call and laughing with him. In rebuttal, Lindsey responded by bringing up the sex controversial sex tape scandal that Paris was in.

“Obviously, she’s very comfortable making videos,” the actress said.

For years, the two fought indirectly, hurling insults on social media until it came to an end when Paris reached out to Lindsey by congratulating her on her wedding engagement.

Christina Aguilera vs. Eminem

Both legends and icons in their own field, Christina Aguilera and Eminem have nothing good to say to each other considering. It started in 1999 when the “Candyman” singer commented about the rapper’s personal life by saying that he secretly married his longtime girlfriend, Kim, in a private ceremony. To make things worse, she went through some of Eminem’s lyrics that talked about violence and claimed that it was about Kim.

Eminem responded with, of course, with a hit song called, “The Real Slim Shady.” Since then, the two have been anything but cool with each other.