Classic confections

Patricia May P. Catan

A CLASSIC confection that’s a favorite selection on birthdays or any occasion for that matter is the chocolate cake. Today, we celebrate this deliciously simple yet perfect treat that’s a guilty pleasure for children and adults alike. With just a slice of this sugary creation, its rich and luscious characteristics completely take over the tastebuds, releasing pleasing sensations. With that said, there’s no other way to celebrate this cocoa-fueled day than with a slice of some of the best-tasting chocolate cakes in town. And here to share where one can find the most toothsome piece of confection are true-blue chocolate cake enthusiasts.

“I love chocolate lava cakes! The best ones I’ve tasted here in the city is from Fudge and Pig & Palm! Fudge’s chocolate lava cake is perfect to satisfy your cravings, while Pig & Palm’s 60 percent Chocolate Moelleux with Salted Caramel Ice Cream is to die for. The sweetness of the cake and the salted caramel ice cream really blend well together—making it a memorable dessert. You have to try it!”

- Noelle Salvador, 24

“We had a celebration in our office and bought a cake from Chocolate Cakes by Nicole. When the cake was sliced and everybody started eating, we could not stop talking about how delicious it was! It was a Black Forest Cake and it was to die for. The cake was so moist. Perhaps, the best-tasting cake in Cebu. It’s a 10/10. Everyone should try it!”

- Mike Laurence Lumen, 24

“Cebu’s best chocolate cake can be found inside a tin can. Chocolate Cakes by Nicole is my choice for the best chocolate cake in Cebu. I’m not a fan of chiffon cake, so its moist texture is really perfect for me. It’s also not too sweet, so you don’t get tired of its taste easily and it’s just fun to eat.”

- Genesis Ryan Calle, 22

“I love chocolate cakes, and in my mission to find the best-tasting chocolate cake, the Puro Cacao Cake from Butterbean is by far the most memorable one!”

- Krisha Socito, 24

“If you are looking for a chocolate cake that is simple, rich, oozing with chocolate-y goodness, and will not burn a hole in your pocket, try Orange Brutus’ Chocolate Monster. For only P62 per slice, you’ll get a chocolate cake covered in chocolate fudge frosting, and a surprise yema-like filling.”

- Marco Paolo Diala, 34

“I am probably one of the biggest sweet tooths in Cebu. Choosing which chocolate cake that’s best for me is a very hard task! However, there is one that trumps my sugary taste buds. It’s that luxuriously indulgent chocolate cake from Radisson Blu! It has three layers filled with chocolate ganache in between then covered with thick chocolate. Sounds simple? Take a bite and it just melts with different tones of chocolate goodness! It’s sweet but not to the point where it hurts your throat. It’s more like chocolate with a little bit of cake. Now, I’m craving for a slice!”

- Jesse Jake Daan, 28

“I honestly haven't encountered a chocolate cake I didn't like (just yet) but if you ask me, the chocolate cake from Angelica’s Bakeshop is probably the most underrated of all I’ve tried in Cebu. Well yes, there are a lot of great-tasting chocolate cakes in town but what makes Angelica’s chocolate cake stand out is how plain and simple it is yet very delicious! The best part? It is only priced at P220 for a whole round cake!"

- Katrina Enrera, 26