Claudine Barretto admits to seeing her psychiatrist monthly

23 Jan – Claudine Barretto has no qualms admitting that she meets a psychiatrist monthly, after recently introducing her doctor, Dr. Bernadette Manalo to her fans on social media.

As reported on PEP, in an interview with "Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho" recently, Barretto shared that she is very open to the fact that she has been seeing a psychiatrist, and is happy that her fans are supportive towards people who are doing their best to seek help for their mental illness.

Barretto revealed that she started seeking help after being diagnosed with panic attacks in 2002.

"I just felt like I was dying, I could not breathe, as if I was sinking, I was drowning. I didn't know what was wrong. Nobody really told me, 'Ah, it's a panic attack'. There were days where I feel like I was going crazy. I was so scared," she said.

She admitted that she first experienced a panic attack after the death of her boyfriend and onscreen partner, Rico Yan. It was the late director Wenn Deramas who advised her to seek psychiatry help.

Barretto admitted that she still grieves for Yan's passing.

"I never get to grieve properly because I kept on working. I want to tire myself so that I won't think about his death," she said.

As for her decision to reveal her condition, Barretto stated that she is just happy when she could help others by sharing her experience, and reminded them that there is no shame in seeking psychiatric help.

(Photo source: Claudine Barretto Instagram)