Clean your hard floors more efficiently with this amazing gadget

Laura Galvan

Dusting and cleaning hard-to-reach areas can be a frustrating task.

Thankfully, Instasweep is here (and on sale!) to change the way we tidy up our home. The triple sweep technology sweeper works in 3 different ways to clean everything from dirt, dust, pet hair and more.

The hard floor surface sweeper features twin brushes that rotate and create a cleaning vortex on the inside that lifts, grabs, and pulls the mess away-- all while the inner brush send dirt directly into the storage bin. Originally retailing for $25.99, the Instasweep is now 30% off making it under $25! 

Clean your hard floors more efficiently than ever with this 3-way tornadic sweeper below! has partnered with Joyus to bring you the best deals on some of our favorite products.