Clever Cockatoo Solves Shell Game on Sydney Balcony

Sydney resident Chad Ajamian was not able to fool a clever cockatoo with a shell game he played with two of the wild birds on November 22.

Ajamian told Storyful the wild cockatoos have visited his home every afternoon over the last year.

“We call the one who got the nut Popeye. He’s blind in that eye that’s squinting, but he’s easily the smartest,” Ajamian said. “He’ll even sometimes sing, fluff up, dance for us to feed him.”

Ajamian has tried playing the shell game with the birds using two different colored cups, but the birds were able to easily figure out which one held the peanuts. He also tried the game using three cups, which proved too difficult for the cockatoos. Credit: Chad Ajamian via Storyful