Climate Activists Blockade Oil Refinery Entrance in the Philippines

Greenpeace climate activists blocked access to a Shell oil refinery in Batangas, Philippines, and climbed one of the facility’s silos to unfurl a banner on September 20.

The protest at the refinery in Batangas was streamed on Facebook Live by Greenpeace in the early morning of September 20 and shows activists with their arms linked together sitting across a roadway with large flashing lights and sign that said, “Shell, stop burning our future.” The same sign was then hung from one of the plant’s silos by activists.

“My message to Shell is that you know why we’re here. You’ve known for years. And right now it’s almost too late to solve this climate crisis. But you hold the key to securing a better future. Individuals like me and groups like ours, we can only do so much unless the system is changed. You are the major polluters and you hold the most responsibility. Please face the people. Right now there’s an ongoing case in the Commission on Human Rights and you need to show up. You need to show your face and you need to listen,” said one of the protesters blocking the road.

The protest took place on the Global Climate Strike day when protests were expected in major cities around the world. Credit: Greenpeace Philippines via Storyful