Closer to home: SunStar on social media

Luis A. Quibranza III
·3 min read

SUNSTAR Cebu recently celebrated its 38th anniversary on Nov. 25—this is no small feat.

The milestone deserves applause, and not only because the company has decided to take head on the challenges brought about by the pandemic, but most especially for blossoming through the years, into a prime example for how regional news should be done.

Within almost four decades, other SunStar outlets have been set up in other regions, giving the Philippines a fresh perspective on the idea of “national news.”

What started out as a newspaper company has now transformed itself by expanding into a news and content provider across several media platforms. Thanks to the internet, it has allowed SunStar Cebu to reach more people, and not only those in the country but the thousands of Cebuanos based around the world. SunStar brings the Cebuano closer to home.

That said, here are some of SunStar Cebu’s social media pages which a true-blue Cebuano should like and follow for more updates about Cebu.

SunStar Cebu (@sunstarcebu)

Available on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, check out the home of Cebu’s premier source for news and content. From sharing links of the stories featured in the newspaper to releasing web exclusive material, SunStar Cebu on social media has

#AllYouNeedToKnow about Cebu, and more.

SunStar Philippines (@sunstaronline)

Welcome to the online home of the only network of local newspapers that covers all key areas in the Philippines. SunStar newspapers and other publications are present in 12 major cities around the country. Find your fix of national updates here.

Superbalita Cebu (@superbalitacebu)

While sharing the same headquarters with SunStar Cebu located on P. Del Rosario St., Cebu City, Superbalita Cebu is an entirely different beast. The community paper is written in Bisaya and has amassed a loyal readership in its 26 years of existence. In the age of social media, Superbalita Cebu has become an online force in Bisaya news.

SunStar Best of Cebu (@sunstarbestofcebu)

A pioneering effort of SunStar Cebu, this annual release has given recognition to the best and brightest local brands since 2013. Whether one is looking for the best lechon or the best resort in the island, there is no better authority than Best of Cebu.

SunStar Weekend (@sunstarweekend)

Sundays are just great, aren’t they? Well, SunStar Cebu has one covered during the best day of the week. Check out this page on social media for articles that are best read with a mimosa in hand during brunch. Also, SunStar Weekend is the mother publication of SunStar Best of Cebu.

SunStar Plus & Special (@plusandspecial)

For those with the knack for finding good deals or promos, this is the place to check out. As the page name suggests, this is where all of SunStar’s friends share more about what they have in store for Cebuanos.

SunStar LIVE! (@livesunstar)

Lifestyle features and the like are featured on these social media channels. The lifestyle section is the fun side of the paper, as it delves into the topics like art, culture, food, fashion and more.

ViveCast (@vivecastph)

For Generation Z, by Generation Z. Like SuperBalita, ViveCast shares the SunStar Cebu headquarters, but is actually its own thing. ViveCast is a digital movement that connects communities and sub-cultures through lifestyle content and human experience.

Follow all these social media pages now!