New year, new closet

Monica R. Lopez

THE new year is all about leaving the past behind and looking forward to what’s ahead. This means new headspace, a new start in life and new beginnings.

Cleaning your closet isn’t the most life-altering thing you can do but it’s a start and should be included in your list of New Year’s resolutions. When starting the year with a clean slate—why not begin with a clean closet?

Here are some foolproof tips to get you started:

Ditch what you haven’t worn in a long time

Not only do old clothes take up space, it’s impractical to still keep them knowing most of these stemmed from impulse shopping and you’re too proud to admit you’ve suffered from buyer’s remorse after the purchase. You’re probably thinking, “I’m sure I’ll wear these sometime.” Then again, think back to how long these have been in your closet rather than on your body, and you have your answer.

Keep the important stuff

In this case, we’re talking about the basics. There’s a reason the basics are always brought up in every fashion article or style tip—because they never go out of style. They set the tone to your whole day-to-day look like a pair of jeans, a white tee, tank top or the little black dress. When you have those down pat, then you can proceed to the fun stuff.

Dress your age

As much as we hate to admit it, there are some looks we got away with when we were in our teens but we can’t in our adult lives. It’s not about giving up your childhood, it’s just about elevating your style according to your age yet still keeping the childlike spirit alive with fun little touches. You don’t need to be buttoned up all the time but you also need to dress the part in order to be taken seriously. This applies most importantly when you’re working. So find those items that don’t work anymore and dump them in the “toss” pile and replace those with pieces that show your personality, but with a more elevated touch. Dress how you want to be treated.

Alteration is your best friend

If there’s an item in your closet that can still be salvaged with some alterations, then don’t toss them just yet. De-cluttering should also involve having second thoughts on some items (emphasis on some, not all) and see if they can still be saved, or are no longer of use to you. You never know, that jacket could be the missing piece to your look if you just cinch it up a bit. While you’re at it, check out your other clothes and see if they need some alterations as well. How they fit will make or break your look.

Once you’ve sorted out your closet, the only thing left to do is take care of the ones you’re ditching. You can donate these items both to charities and people in need, or you can sell them for a profit. After all that, give yourself a pat for a job well done. It’s not always easy to part ways with items we’ve always liked—even the ones we hardly wore—but it’s the things you do for a clutter-free life.