‘Cloud’-to-table: The future of dining

Marymil M. Cabrera
·3 min read

WITH the pandemic still going on, minimizing contact with other people is a must and wearing face shields and face masks are required when dropping by a restaurant.

Although life has certainly slowed down and the world has been reprogrammed, everyone — including restaurateurs — has rolled up their sleeves and are serving delectable meals at home.

Just recently, a tech genius teamed up with a master chef and innovated a ready-to-eat menu available through an online ordering platform Snappy! Cebu’s first online-only restaurant is on a mission to push the possibilities of delivering the finest and flavorful reinvented chef-crafted creations to every Cebuano in a snap. The brand, co-founded by Ryan Tan and award-winning celebrity chef Bruce Lim, aims to revolutionize the food industry by making available delectable menu choices in big servings and friendly prices from a cloud kitchen. The brand recently launched its innovation in the metro to bring the well-defined, top-of-the-line dining restaurant experience right in the comfort of your home.

A cloud kitchen is a commercial facility purpose-built to produce specifically for delivery. Its menu items are optimized for ease of production and reliability of food upon delivery.

According to the founders during a virtual media launch, this less cost set-up translates to more quality products and better service.

Chef Lim was trained at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu in London. He worked under world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay and hosted the Asian Food Channel’s “The Boss” and “Tablescapes: Life on a Plate.” For the chef, the cloud kitchen allows him to focus more on his concoctions and innovate more delectable meals as much as he wanted compared to being in an actual restaurant with limited kitchen space.

Talking about entrées, Lim shared about how he came up with their offerings.

“The concept behind Snappy!’s dishes is to take good flavors from my hometown and combine this with Cebuano favorites in a different way. Its flavors are familiar, we just take pride in the ingredients we use and how we serve it.”

Snappy! offers a wide selection of meals fit for any occasion. It offers a la carte meals dubbed “Snappy! Specials” and “Snappy! Celebration meals” that are good for five to six persons. Its meal plan is set to roll out next year.

Its menu includes Fried Pusit with Salted Egg Glaze, Cebu dried squid deep-fried until crispy, tossed in classic Malaysian style Salted Egg Sauce; Braised Pork with Garlic Noodles, pork liempo slowly braised until soft and tender on a bed of San Francisco-style Garlic Butter Noodles with a hint of chili; Tan’s family recipe: Crab Pincer, a deep-fried crab meat claws served with a sweet and sour sauce on the side, to name a few.

For its Celebration Meals, choose either the Wild Wild West Celebration Meal with Barbecue Ribs, six pieces of Texas Barbecue Chicken, Potato Wedges, Potato Salad and Corn; or the Fiesta Celebration Meal with an 18-inch Aloha Pizza, six pieces of Snappy! Fried Chicken, Potato Wedges and Spaghetti platter.

The virtual restaurant’s selection will be continuously innovated. It will also regularly come up with new offerings.

How does it work? One just needs to visit its website www.snappy.com.ph and choose from its menu, add to cart then fill out the forms to checkout.

The online-only restaurant has its own delivery fleet and also makes use of third-party delivery services to ensure that customers enjoy their food orders on time and delivers within Cebu City, Mandaue City, Lapu-Lapu City and Consolacion.

To maintain cashless transactions, Snappy! accepts payments through Visa, Mastercard, PayMaya, as well as cash-on-delivery.