Coast Guard Rescues Three Boaters off New York's Fire Island

The US Coast Guard rescued three boaters from the ocean off Fire Island, New York on October 15, transporting them to safety via helicopter, according to local reports.

In a press release, the Coast Guard said that it was contacted around noon on Thursday about a disabled boat with the three people on board. Rescue crews hoisted the boaters into a MH-65 Dolphin helicopter, as seen in this footage released by the Coast Guard.

“What started out in the early morning as a beautiful day for fishing offshore, very quickly deteriorated into hazardous weather conditions.” said Cmdr. Valerie Boyd, Response Chief at Coast Guard Sector Long Island Sound. “The seamless coordination by the command center, outstanding judgement and risk management demonstrated by the Station Fire Island crew, coupled with the fast response and expert technical ability of the MH-65 crew, prevented a dangerous situation from worsening and likely saved the lives of the persons on board the distressed vessel.” Credit: US Coast Guard via Storyful

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