Coco Martin: I won't discuss my private life!

22 Apr – After keeping mum for quite some time, Coco Martin finally took to social media to express his thoughts over the speculations about his personal life.

The actor, who shared a photo of him and his grandmother on Instagram recently, seemed to be addressing recent rumours that Julia Montes had given birth to his child, saying that it is unkind for people to make false assumption about him when he has done no wrong to them.

"I have a private life that I would rather not discuss because it is not that interesting. It is better to seek opportunities for our society so that we can contribute to our country," he said.

Martin also said that his job is to engage and give life to the characters he plays, and that bashers should just focus on doing good things rather than focus on damaging his reputation.

"I am sorry that I have decided to keep quiet about my private life. I hope you will understand," he added.

In his subsequent posts, he shared images with the words that read, "If you don't know the whole story, shut up", and "I am only responsible for what I say, not what you understand."

(Photo Source: Coco Martin Instagram)