Coffee by day, cocktails by night: Molave Kaffee House and Bistro

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The new normal is starting to feel like a second skin. Two years of anxiety has led us to another point in life; living with the virus and acknowledging the restrictions that come along with it.

Molave Kaffee House and Bistro is quiet and simple by day but once the night settles in, this is where the place comes alive. With its intimate ambiance that gives off a very homey feel, this coffee house is the perfect stop where you can enjoy delicious meals and unwind with a drink with your friends.

This is the quaint, collective work of Cyprianne F. Laraga, Maria Genese Esagana and Estanislao Kimhe G. Chan. With everything slowly coming together, this coffee and bistro is happy to serve the public and give them a whole new experience when it comes to dining and drinking.

Molave Kaffee House and Bistro first started out as a store where the owners needed a place to sell and display their ready-to-eat tinapa products from Samar. However, the business eventually expanded and thought about selling scrumptious meals, alcoholic drinks and coffee.

“It was never the plan to open something like this,“ Cyprianne said. “We only needed a place to sell our tinapa but then we thought, ‘why don’t we sell food?’ And after that we thought, ‘why can’t we sell beer as well?’”

For what it was worth, their ideas of expanding and going beyond their intentions have proven to be worthwhile.

Customers can indulge themselves in the coffee/house’s retro aesthetic as well as its decorative interiors. There are a few vintage posters of Hollywood stars plastered here and there, and dozens of vinyl records displayed in their full vintage glory (there are a few “The Beatles” records that one shouldn’t miss, a work of art that needs to be acknowledged).

Molave Kaffee House and Bistro gets the best of both worlds as it is a proper coffee place as well as a bar, offering a different casual dining experience by juxtaposing both the café and bar experience.

This bistro offers an extensive menu of meals such as buffalo wings, pasta, crispy pata, buttered chicken and more.

For coffee, their specialties are their caramel frappe and iced latte. Cocktail drinks are served here as well such as margarita, amaretto sour, mojito, whisky sour and piña colada. It also serves artisan and blended tea for those who might want something a little more calming and soothing. Its best sellers are its delicious lomi soup and its mouthwatering sisig that is the perfect pairing for the alcoholic drinks that it offers, and as a meal itself as well.

For those who are looking for a place where they can jam and enjoy live music, Molave is also the place for that. Enjoy live band performances every night except on Sundays. Whenever there is a sky-blue Volkswagen Beetle car parked outside, there is always a band playing and that is the bistro’s trademark. Molave Kaffee House and Bistro truly is a place of its own, offering Cebu a whole new but intimate dining experience that can only be found here.

Molave Kaffee House and Bistro is located on Molave St., Cebu City, across Padgett Place Condo near Azalea and UP Cebu.