Coffins used to warn Filipinos to stay home during coronavirus pandemic

Coffins were used to warn Filipinos to stay home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Police officers placed a white and gold casket at a checkpoint in San Fernando City in Pampanga province where residents were checked to ensure they are following the travel ban.

On the coffin, it says "stay at home or stay inside" alongside a picture of the grim reaper.

Officers from Police Regional Office 3 said it was ''a reminder of the dangers posed by the COVID-19 pandemic''.

Another video shows police and volunteers carry a coffin to walk along the road during a night patrol, warning residents to obey a curfew imposed on the city.

The Philippines has declared 1,546 cases of the coronavirus and attributed 78 deaths to the pandemic, as of March 30.

There have been strict orders banning movement between cities, curfews and food rationing and residents have been ordered to stay inside.