Coleen Garcia will not reduce work after marriage

22 Jan - Model-actress Coleen Garcia recently assured that she will not quit showbiz after marriage.

According to Push, the actress, who is set to marry fiance Billy Crawford this summer, stated that she will continue to be active in the industry even after marriage.

"Actually Billy and I already discussed this with the honeymoon and everything, and even with personal plans. Billy and I are very good in managing our time together so as it is," she said.

According to Garcia, Crawford is already accustomed to her acting schedules, as she is with his daily show.

"It is something that we've already worked out at this point of our career before anything else," she added.

Garcia also stated that both she and Crawford do not want to slow down now that they have reached the momentum, and that they will continue to try to make time for each other after marriage.

(Photo Source: Coleen Garcia Instagram)