Colleagues sing for medics treating Covid-19 patients in the Philippines

This is the emotional moment medics treating patients suffering from the coronavirus were serenaded by well-wishers.

The crowd gathered at the Covid-19 response unit at The Medical City hospital in Pasig City in the Metro Manila area of the Philippines on Friday afternoon (March 27th).

Footage shows how one man played a ukulele and others sang a Filipino song and the Rachel Platten hit 'Fight Song' as several medics all wearing full protective suits stood in the doorway.

The group singing to the coronavirus frontline medical staff included nurses, security guards and other hospital staff, who wanted to boost the morale of their colleagues dealing with covid-19 patients.

It came a day after the country's government confirmed that nine doctors have died in the Philippines from the coronavirus.

Head nurse Alexis Mago, who is one of those singing and recording the video, said: ''We think of ways to boost the morale of our fellow nurses, most especially those nurses assigned on COVID-19 floors. We came up with serenading since we can’t physically hug them.''

Official data suggests more than 1,075 Covid-19 infections and 68 deaths as of March 28th.

However, the actual number is likely to be much higher due to the difference in testing and recording methods. 

The government in the Philippines has imposed full-scale community lockdowns, curfews and rationing as it attempts to stop the spread of the pandemic in the country.

On Thursday (March 26th) it was confirmed that nine doctors have died in the Philippines from the coronavirus, the country's top medical association said.

Hospitals have been overwhelmed and medics have complained about a lack of protection on the front lines.  

The announcement of the doctors' deaths heightened fears that the scale of the health crisis in the Philippines is much worse than is being officially reported.