College student earns mad praise for helping mom deliver baby brother at home

Coconuts Manila

A college student is earning a ton of praise online after successfully helping his mother give birth to his baby brother at home — all without the use of any modern equipment.

Bowen Suico, 20, was chilling at home in Cebu City with his family when his mother Maria Glennda Suico suddenly went on labor.

The family did not have enough time to bring Glennda to the midwife so — in what must have been a very eye-opening experience for young Bowen — she instructed her elder son to assist in delivering the baby, her eighth child.

“She ended up giving birth at home because her water suddenly broke. When her water broke, the baby’s head was coming out already. Given that my mom was a nurse and gave birth eight times already, she knew she wouldn’t make it to the hospital,” Bowen told Coconuts Manila in a Facebook Messenger interview.

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Glennda proceeded to give detailed instructions to Bowen on what he should do.

“She just told me to keep calm while she pushed the baby out. After the baby was out, she taught me how to suction the water out of the baby’s nose and mouth. She also taught me what to use when cleaning the baby,” he said.

Bowen admitted that he was initially hesitant to help deliver the baby.

“I have no background in labor. I worry that I might make a mistake, or hurt my baby brother. But I still managed to do it by staying calm,” he said.

After the successful delivery, Bowen’s uncle called a midwife, who cut the umbilical cord, vaccinated the baby, and removed the placenta. The baby has been named Bjenz, which is pronounced “Benz.”

Meanwhile, Bowen proudly shared photos of baby Bjenz’s birthday on Twitter last week, where the post has been shared almost 16,000 times.

Netizens were justifiably impressed, praising him for rising to the challenge.

“Congratulations, Bowen!” Twitter user @daeryqueen said. “You did great.”

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