Colombia Fans Comfort a Devastated Young Poland Fan After Team's Elimination From World Cup

A heartwarming moment came out of the June 24 World Cup game between Poland and Colombia when a heartbroken young fan was comforted by the crowd.

Iain Meiklejohn shared footage on his Twitter page of the moment his son, Aleks, burst in to tears over Poland’s loss. “Wee man was in tears after Poland getting eliminated from the World Cup,” he tweeted, “The Colombian fans were absolutely fantastic with him after the game – easily the best group of supporters I’ve ever sat with.”

The Colombia fans in the crowd can be seen patting the boy on the head and chanting “Polska” to comfort him. Meiklejohn shared a photo of his son looking a bit more upbeat the next day. As of writing, the touching moment has over 3,000 retweets on Twitter. Credit: Iwona Meiklejohn via Storyful