'I love Nick Foles': Frank Reich gushes about Bears QB after question about Carson Wentz's backups

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Have you heard about how much Chicago Bears quarterback Nick Foles loves Frank Reich? Because he really does. 

And the feeling is mutual. The Indianapolis Colts head coach positively gushed about Foles on Wednesday after being asked a question that wasn't about Foles at all. Carson Wentz, meanwhile, is recovering from foot surgery and can't seem to get Foles out of his life. 

'I love Nick Foles'

Reich coached Foles when they were both on the Philadelphia Eagles together, which resulted in Super Bowl rings for both of them. The experience with Reich had a positive effect on Foles, and with Wentz recovering from surgery, Chicago's third-string QB was asked about a possible reunion with his beloved coach. 

"Listen, Frank Reich is one of my favorite, if not my favorite, coaches of all time. He understands me as a player," Foles said via NFL.com. "He understands me as a person. But you know, I haven't had any talks with them. I'm a Chicago Bear right now. But he knows me, he understands."

Reich apparently saw Foles' comments, which became clear on Wednesday. He was asked about his confidence in Wentz's backups, but ended up bringing Foles into the discussion. And he didn't just bring up Foles — he positively gushed about him. 

"This is Carson's team, first of all. He's our quarterback. We're excited about having him. He knows that and this team knows that. When we brought him here, we brought him here for one reason. And it wasn't to compete. It was he's going to come in here and lead this football team. I don't mind talking about Nick Foles . I love Nick Foles. He plays for the Chicago Bears and I haven't talked to him. But I think he's a great player. I think he's proven that. I think he's a great teammate. There's nothing about Nick Foles I don't like. I think he's a winner. He's certainly a guy who fits our kind of culture, but he plays for the Chicago Bears."

You might have noticed that Reich didn't answer the question that was asked, which was about his confidence in Wentz's backups. He did say that it was "Carson's team," but followed that by saying Foles "fits our culture" and "there's nothing about Nick Foles I don't like" (while steering clear of anything that could be considered tampering).

Wentz had to watch Foles complete the Eagles' 2017 season and win the city's first-ever Super Bowl after he injured his knee, meaning that he would be connected to Foles forever and would never stop hearing about him. In Indy, away from Philadelphia, he had a chance to escape the constant Foles comparisons. But now his new coach — who he also shares a deep connection with — is bringing up Foles when he's not even being asked about him. 

Week 1 in play for Carson Wentz

Though Reich didn't say anything about whether his confidence in Wentz's backups is why they haven't gone out and gotten a big name backup QB, it's possible that the backups won't even matter. In an interview with NFL Network's Tom Pelissero, Reich detailed Wentz's recovery timeline. While it could absolutely change depending on the condition of his foot, it's clear they're aiming for Wentz to start Week 1 if at all possible. 

If Wentz is ready Week 1 or even Week 2, then signing or trading for a different backup quarterback would be silly. And if it takes longer for Wentz to heal and the Colts decide they do need to acquire a new backup, under no circumstances should it be Nick Foles — at least for Wentz's sake. He's already been down that road. Don't make him travel it again. 

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