Colts QB Carson Wentz will start, despite looking gimpy in warmups

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It's hard to question Carson Wentz's toughness, but it's fair to wonder about his health.

Despite dealing with rare bilateral ankle sprains, Wentz is slated to start for the Indianapolis Colts against the Tennessee Titans in Nashville on Sunday.

The first sign of hope for Wentz this week came Friday, when he practiced and the Colts left the door open for him to start. But it still felt like a stretch, considering the nature of the injury. (It's hard enough to run with one sprained ankle, much less both.)

Then came pregame on Sunday. Wentz didn't look like a man who made a Saturday side trip to Lourdes for a little healing up.

The Colts are 0-2 and in need of a win. Their injured quarterback, who missed most of training camp with a foot injury, is going to give whatever he has to help make that happen.

Will it be enough?

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