Comedian denies he’s endorsing Imee Marcos after viral photo shows them together

Comedian Vice Ganda doesn’t like it when people assume things about him.

At least that’s how it appears when he slammed critics yesterday who thought that he was endorsing Imee Marcos when they appeared in a viral photo together. The pro-Duterte celebrity said he doesn’t endorse her or any politician.

The viral photo appeared on Sunday when it was tweeted by an account named @rmlogy. Posting four photos showing Vice in a hooded jacket and Imee wearing a red top, it wrote: “Why is momshie @vicegandako with Ms. Imee Marcos in Ozamiz City? The downfall of the star! Oh I forgot Vice and Bongbong history back in 2014.”

The poster assumed that Vice (real name: Jose Marie Viceral) endorsed Imee’s brother Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. in 2014, though no proof exists to confirm this.

The post received more than 1,200 likes. It was then followed by comments from netizens who criticized Vice for “endorsing” Imee.

However, Vice categorically denied he was campaigning for Imee, who will run for senator in next year’s polls. He said they just arrived in Ozamiz City from the same plane.

He tweeted in Filipino and English: “Ok to fans who are asking. I didn’t care about Imee Marcos’ itinerary in Ozamiz when we rode the same plane. I was there to entertain the people of Ozamiz City, not to endorse any politician. I’m not an endorser of the Marcoses!”

He posted one of the viral photos and joked: “So because of this picture I’m already a supporter of Imee?! Can’t I support the guy behind me wearing white?! Lol!”

He ends the Twitter thread with: “I kept laughing because people were also asking why I was completely covered up. Seriously is this the first time you saw someone wearing a hoody (sic) and shades? I can’t do that? Is there a dress code in Ozamiz City?”

Vice has become online fodder in recent days after a clip from his show Gandang Gabi Vice leaked which shows actor Aga Muhlach blasting Senator Antonio Trillanes.

This new issue shows that many Filipinos have no qualms calling out celebrities who want to endorse problematic politicians such as Imee, even if they have no proof.

Imee has refused to apologize to those who have suffered during the regime of her late father, former president Ferdinand Sr. She also said that people should “move on” from what happened during martial law, a time of widespread corruption and human rights violations.

Most of Vice’s followers were very supportive of his latest tweet.

One fan used the current issue to criticize oppositon politicians.

@nacpil_roshiel assumed that many of those criticizing Vice were supporters of jailed Senator Leila de Lima, a fierce critic of President Rodrigo Duterte.

She wrote: “Don’t mind the critics especially supporters of De Lima. We have freedom of speech.”

@_itsJaneOineza told Vice: “Chill. You’re wasting your beauty, sis!”

@FahimaSaripada doesn’t really care if Vice supports a politician.

She told him: “My gosh @vicegandako if I were you I’ll just ignore them. Whether you’re supporting Marcos, Aquino, Roxas, or Duterte we still love you! I love you and always [will] be.”

@Reessa_28 wrote: “They have a huge problem with you. You don’t have to explain. You already mentioned this in Miss Q & A.”

Miss Q & A is a popular contest in the television show It’s Showtime which Vice hosts.

Vice enjoys a reputation for being “woke” or having progressive views. Critics, however, assail him for his support of Duterte.

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