IT, computer jobs top list of highest paying jobs in Cebu

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JOBS in the information technology (IT)/computer sector topped this year’s list of highest-paying jobs in Cebu.’s 2022 Cebu Salary Report said workers under this category receive a median salary of P23,000. This is followed by call center/business process management (BPM) and engineering/architecture jobs at P20,000.

Rounding out the top five are human resource/recruitment/training jobs at P19,825 and legal/documentation related jobs at P18,500. is a Cebu-based online job portal. It created the 2022 Cebu Salary Report to help employers with the information they need to develop and refine recruitment plans and human resource insights that will make them more competitive.

Jobs in government/non-profit; health/medical/science as well as in airline/airport hold a monthly salary of P18,000. Meanwhile, accounting/finance and arts/media/design closed this year’s top 10 rankings with a median monthly salary of P16,000.

Although IT/computer jobs take home the highest average pay across all sectors, this shift has both positive and negative repercussions for the local IT industry.

On the one hand, it means that IT and computer workers are able to find employment with higher-paying companies. However, it also puts an increased strain on those local businesses that are not able or willing to match these higher salaries.

Mynimo has also observed a growing trend in work-from-home or remote setup among IT/computer companies, offering higher pay, even prior to the onset of the pandemic in 2020.

According to president and chief executive officer Wesley Chiongbian, this sudden growth in demand for tech workers globally has caused high employee turnover among IT professionals in the local market. As a result, local companies are being forced to increase their salary rates in order to remain competitive and attract top talent.

Similar trends can also be observed in the call center and BPM industries.

Mynimo has observed that the pandemic presented foreign companies with labor shortages in their home countries, which translated to more outsourcing work and expansion of BPMs in Cebu.

With BPM companies competing for an already limited labor market, this has pushed them to make their job offers more attractive through higher salaries.

Surge in construction

Meanwhile, the surge in construction-related activities has placed engineering/architecture jobs as one of those in-demand jobs recently.

“The rebuilding activities due to the damage caused by the recent typhoon Odette in the region, have given professionals in this field the opportunity to practice their occupation independently. This means that people who would have considered applying for these job vacancies are now self-employed, resulting in the lack of candidates among more established organizations,” said Chiongbian.

The Mynimo executive added that this phenomenon has forced companies looking for engineers and architects to increase their salary rates to make their job offers more enticing.

In addition, the sustained housing demand in Cebu continues to encourage private housing developers to launch additional projects. Meanwhile, big-ticket infrastructure projects such as the P33-billion Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway and the P28-billion Metro Cebu Expressway saw the need for more engineers thereby causing the huge demand for engineering/architecture jobs.

Impact of the study

The findings of this study, according to Chiongbian, have implications for both employees and employers.

Professionals currently working in jobs under the top 10 highest paying categories would enjoy higher pay and more job offers than other job categories outside the list. Likewise, job seekers would be guided in terms of which professions are in high demand and likely to offer high salaries.

For employers, the findings highlight the need to offer competitive salaries in order to attract and retain the best talent. Businesses should also prepare to make adjustments in benefits, or working arrangements, so they can retain their key staff and reduce employee turnover.

Moreover, as Cebu slowly emerges from a pandemic, it is difficult to predict what the job prospects for the coming years will be.

However, for 2022, Chiongbian sees that companies in Cebu are eager to get back on track with their existing business and even in exploring new opportunities, which will bring with it more job vacancies.

He said a number of industries are pivoting their operations to remain relevant. Because of this, professionals would have to adapt their skills to the business environment in the new normal. (with PR)

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