Confused baby panics and bursts into tears when mom puts on her glasses: ‘It’s just Mommy!’

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A mom filmed her baby seeing her in glasses for the very first time, and his adorably terrified reaction is going viral.

Mom and TikToker Victoria Dauer (@victoriadauer) gained over 8 million views and 16,000 comments when she shared the hilarious footage online.

Now, just like the sweet toddler that nearly drove Maleficent to break character at Disney World, Victoria’s little boy, Asher, is melting hearts across TikTok.

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In the video, Asher stares wide-eyed at his mom, who explains behind the camera, “I’m wearing glasses for the first time ever.”

Suddenly, when Victoria sees her baby is on the brink of tears, she exclaims, “Oh, are you scared of me?”

She quickly tries to soothe her little one, reaching out a hand. “Asher, it’s OK, I’m just wearing glasses!”

But Asher, having none of it, pulls away from his mom’s grasp.

Thankfully, Victoria posted a follow-up video, showing that little Asher eventually calmed down a bit.

“It’s OK, it’s Mommy!” she says in a sing-song voice — to no avail. Her little boy’s lip begins to quiver again as a fresh round of tears gathers in his eyes.

“Don’t get upset! Look, look, it’s Mommy!” Victoria says sweetly, removing her glasses. 

Immediately, Asher’s breathing begins to slow — though his eyes dart around nervously, clearly still suspicious.

“It’s OK! Honey…” she coos right before the video ends.

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‘ Everyone owes Clark Kent an apology…’

TikTokers flocked to the comments to share their reactions to Asher’s sweet meltdown.

“Babies are so dramatic,” one user laughed.

“Everyone owes Clark Kent an apology for never believing his disguise worked,” another user joked.

“My son is nine and any time I’m not wearing mine he says, ‘Nope, I’m not talking to you til you put your glasses on,’ then says, ‘OK now you’re my mom,'” one user shared.

“Babies don’t have object permanence, so if you add glasses, you are literally a different person,” observed one user.

“At this point you just need to live without being able to see,” another user joked.

According to Victoria, the next day, Asher was totally fine with her wearing glasses, and there were no more tears at the sight of her bespectacled face. You never know what to expect when it comes to babies!

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