3 / 5

‘The Nun’ (2018)

This fun Hammer horror pastiche puts a trainee nun, a priest and a French-Canadian love interest in a haunted church and uses it as an excuse to string a bunch of jump-scares together. The characters might be a bit flat, but some beautiful imagery, and striking religious iconography compensates. And at 90-minutes – crucially – it doesn’t outstay its welcome.

The Conjuring Universe movies - ranked

Sam Ashurst

It’s the most successful horror franchise of the modern-era – with five instalments, each as blockbusting as the last – despite the wildly varying degrees of quality.

It seems no matter how bad (or good) Warner Brothers’ horror shared universe gets, people are going to keep going to see them. Annabelle grossed over $257 million against its $6.5 million production budget, for Valak’s sake.

But, just in case you do care about quality, we’ve decided to rank them in order of worst to best.

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