Consolacion-based bakeshop offers sweet goodies and job opportunities

·2 min read

What started as a backyard business has transformed into a full business that Merlie Pelen Neri is incredibly proud and passionate about.

With her talent for baking, Merlie ventured and sought out to do more and eventually decided to build a bakeshop of her own located in Laray, Consolacion in Cebu.

Merlie has always been inspired by her passion for baking. She shared that while she loves doing it, she thought of expanding it into a business venture to cater to the Filipinos’ love for bread. She shared: “Bread is among the basic commodities. I want the people to experience first-rate baking goods at a very affordable and reasonable price. I want them to experience happiness and love in every bite.”

To all bread lovers out there, Merlie’s Bakeshop has it all. Its products are made with so much love and care, but customers shouldn’t miss their specialties: The classic hopia and otap. Merlie said: “These two are among the very first products that we were known for.”

The fun doesn’t stop there as Merlie’s Bakeshop also offers more products to satisfy its customers’ love for sweets. It offers sans rival and dulce de leche cake that are sure to take tastebuds for a sweet ride.

As much as Merlie loves her bakeshop, it is also very important to her that her employees are being well taken care of. She takes pride in saying that she has a good relationship with her staff and encourages other businesses to do the same thing. In terms of her vision, Merlie said: “Merlie’s Bakeshop is to provide baked goods of premium quality to every household in the Philippines and to create job opportunities for everyone regardless of educational attainment, job experience, and background.”

Merlie’s Bakeshop’s main branch is in Laray which is open 24/7. There is an outlet near Consolacion Municipal building and is open from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. There is also another branch near Lapu-Lapu City Hall and it is open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Monday to Saturday.