Consolacion requires business establishments to install CCTVs

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THE local government of Consolacion in northern Cebu is now requiring business establishments to install a closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera in their vicinity to ensure the safety of residents and visitors.

The Municipal Council approved Resolution 258 series 2022 containing the guidelines of the ordinance.

Based on the ordinance, business establishments with an initial capital of not less than P2 million such as banks, money changers, pawnshop, pharmacy, gasoline station, restaurant, convenience store, grocery store, market, internet cafe, and movie house, are required to install CCTV camera that will be used to record criminal incidents and help identify the suspects.

" order to intensify the municipality's drive to deter, prevent, detect, and solve criminality, and to preserve video recording as evidence, this august body deems it proper to require the use of CCTV systems in business establishments within the Municipality of Consolacion," read part of the ordinance.

The ordinance also requires the installation of CCTV cameras in areas considered by the police as “high-risk” where people usually gather.

It is also stated under the ordinance that CCTVs should have power backup in case of power cuts to ensure security at all times and should follow the technical specifications.

Only one CCTV unit is allowed but it must have four high-definition analog cameras or two megapixel digital cameras.

After six months from its implementation, the local government will not renew or issue a business permit or permit to operate to traders if they do not comply with the CCTV ordinance.

Violators will pay a fine of P1,500 for the first offense and P2,500 for the last offense. (ANV, TPT)