Construction of CCMC’s first 3 floors to start in August

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THE Cebu City Government has awarded the P100 million contract to complete the first three floors of the Cebu City Medical Center (CCMC).

Rodjun Taneo, who chairs the city’s Bids and Awards Committee (BAC), said the construction of CCMC’s first three floors will start on July 28, 2020 or on the first week of August.

The contract has been assigned to C.B. Garay Philwide Builders.

Taneo said the winning bidder will handle the architectural, electrical and mechanical installations for the CCMC’s first three floors. The contract also provides that the bidder will provide fire protection for the facility.

In a related development, Cebu City Administrator and lawyer Floro Casas Jr. said Mayor Edgardo Labella has issued marching orders to speed up the Program of Works and Estimates (Powe) of the P500 million that was approved by the City Council to construct the CCMC’s other floors.

Casas said the Powe will be finished and presented to the BAC by August.

Once the Powe is with the BAC, the bidding and eventually, awarding of the winning contractor could proceed by next month.

“At least the half billion will be used to complete the structure of the 10 floors that would take six to eight months, just in time for the completion of the first three floors that will be operational by that time,” Taneo added.

Casas added there was no need for the bidding of the P500 million budget for the CCMC to undergo scrutiny before the City Council’s ad hoc committee as recommended by Vice Mayor Michael Rama, who chairs the committee on health.

Casas said that organizing an ad hoc committee to scrutinize the budget for the CCMC is beyond the scope of the City Council.

But he also suggested that instead of an ad hoc committee, the City Council should organize an oversight committee to scrutinize the budget for the CCMC. (PAC/JKV)