Contact tracers to receive 3 months’ worth of salary

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CONTACT tracers hired by the Cebu City Government to help curb the spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 will finally get paid.

The City has started releasing their salaries covering the months of August, September and October.

During the city’s Emergency Operation Center’s (EOC) daily huddle on Thursday, Dec 17, 2020, Charoma Jessica Amatos, officer-in-charge of the City’s contact tracing cluster, said that a total of 66 contact tracers from two batches, composed of the city’s north and south clusters, already received their salaries earlier this week.

Another two clusters are set to receive their salaries.

“The delay of the release of the salaries was because of the documentary requirements needed, such as their daily time records and accomplishment reports,” Amatos said.

She reminded all contact tracers to properly comply with all the requirements so that their salaries would be released on time.

“In case of doubt, ask the proper admin officer and payroll maker for the correct guidance,” Amatos added.

Cebu City’s EOC has a total of 181 contact tracers.

They are deployed in the 80 barangays to assist in tracing individuals suspected of contracting Covid-19.

Last month, some contact tracers hired by City complained that they had not received their salaries since they were hired in July. (JKV, PR)