Container gardening

Gardening is an art by itself.  A lot of people actually enjoy the peace and tranquility it offers. Because of its natural ability to offer a different kind of relaxation, people have developed new ways of gardening styles and container gardening is one of them.

Container gardening is a new and creative way of gardening where you can grow plants in containers. Containers may come in different sizes, shapes and materials. One good thing about this type of gardening is that you do not need to have a huge space to plant in flowers and vegetables.  With container gardening, you can still enjoy the simple pleasures of gardening and experience the same effect by growing plants in pots and other containers.

Hanging baskets and flower pouches became popular and has come a long way due to lack of garden spaces. It also allows individual plants to show their real beauty, unique color, texture and form when displayed in containers. For gardeners, it can be their outlet for creativity and they can even control all variables like plants, water, sunlight and fertilizer.

For beginners who want to create their own container garden, here are the basic steps to remember.

Select your Area – when starting your own container garden, the first thing you should consider is the location. Specifically, areas with perfect exposure and receive enough sunlight for chosen plants.

Selecting your Plants – after choosing the right place or location, it’s time for you to select your plants depending on your taste. Many plants can be grown like flowers, herbs and edible plants but always remember that you should select plants according to growth habits and foliage.

Water, Water, Water – watering your plants regularly is one of the secrets of a successful gardening. Keep on watering until you see water coming out the drainage hole of your pot. For those who can’t water their plants daily, you must use self-watering containers to keep your plants moist for a few days.

Choosing the right container – choosing your containers wisely for a certain plant is very essential. Keep in mind that it’s easier to plant in large containers than the small ones because the moist of the soil stays longer with large ones. One thing to remember before planting in your container, don’t forget to sterilize it. Make sure that all your containers are clean because sometimes you have second-hand containers that might have contained diseased plants.