Cool For Cats: Feline Licks Ice Being Melted to Hydrate Animals After Texas Winter Storm

With freezing temperatures hitting Texas during the recent winter storm, a cat at a Highlands farm made the most of ice being melted so other animals would have non-frozen water by licking a slab.

Footage captured by Cindi Mire and posted to YouTube on February 19 shows her pet licking ice as she was melting ice for livestock on her farm.

Speaking to Storyful, Mire said, “I had to bring in ice from my water buckets for my horses, cows, goats, chickens, dogs and donkeys to melt on the stove and microwave so they could have some water that wasn’t frozen.”

She added, “So while I was melting it, she was fascinated. She follows me wherever I go. She’s like my little helper.” Credit: Cindi Mire via Storyful