Cops, cams to be placed in famous 'Medellin Aisle'

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LOCAL officials in Medellin in northern Cebu are set to deploy police personnel and to install CCTV cameras along its famous “Medellin Aisle” as a way to prevent accidents along the highway.

Medellin Mayor Benjun Mondigo had received reports that motorcycle enthusiasts were using the 7.5-kilometer road that connects the town to Bogo City to conduct stunts and tricks.

Mondigo said he received messages containing photos of motorcycle enthusiasts conducting exhibitions at the Medellin Aisle.

The photos were originally posted on social media before they were taken down by the owner.

“Though they were not conducting a drag race there, what they’re doing is still dangerous. That is why I requested our Rescue Office to install CCTV cameras at the area so we can monitor who passes there,” Mondigo said in Cebuano.

The Medellin Aisle, which connects Medellin town to Bogo City, is known for its scenic route of northern Cebu’s famous sugar plantations.

Mondigo said he continues to promote the Medellin Aisle as a tourist destination, especially with the town’s tourism industry greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

But aside from the Medellin Aisle, the town has other tourist attractions such as its bamboo forest in Barangay Luy-a.

Mondigo hopes to promote these two tourist attractions as a way to help his constituents earn a living.

“It’s not good to ruin the nice impression of our tourist destinations. We are happy that even though we are so far from the city, there are still local tourists who come to our town to see the sites,” Mondigo said, in Cebuano." (ANV / JKV)