Cops identify ‘skinned’ man

THE man who was brutally murdered and whose face was found skinned to the bone in a remote area in Carmen town, Cebu on Friday, Jan. 10, 2020, has been identified by police.

Police confirmed that the corpse found in Barangay Puente last Friday was that of Edgardo Marco Corbo, 34, a resident of Upper Labogon, Mandaue City.

Corbo’s brother, Roberto, and his aunt positively identified his corpse when they coordinated with police.

Roberto confirmed to police that his brother was mentally challenged.

He recalled that Corbo left their home in Barangay Labogon last November. Roberto never thought that he was staying in Carmen.

Cared for

Police said Corbo reportedly stayed with an unidentified family in Barangay Puente, who fed and took care of him.

Residents of Barangay Puente said Corbo, despite being new to their area, was never a bother to anyone and they often offered him food.

Following the incident, police and officials in the village have their suspicions on who murdered Corbo.

Two brothers living in the village who are suspected of being involved in illegal drugs are considered “persons of interest.”

Police believe Corbo may have been mistaken for a “police asset” by the suspects.

The suspects may have believed that Corbo’s mental instability was just a ruse he used to monitor their illegal activities.

The suspects also believed that Corbo may have been involved in the death of one of their brothers last November. That brother was also involved in illegal drugs.

However, Police Maj. Roger Quijano, Carmen town police chief, declined to disclosed the names of the two persons of interest as they still don’t have sufficient evidence to support their accusation.

Quijano, however, said the information they gathered from residents in Barangay Puente matched reports they received that the two brothers were out for blood against those involved in their older sibling’s death.

On Friday night, police visited the house of the two brothers, but they were not at home.

Even the brothers’ mother was not in the house, Quijano said.

Separately, Cebu Police Provincial Office director Police Col. Roderick Mariano ordered police investigators in Carmen to secure enough evidence against the persons of interest so they can file charges against them.

Mariano has discounted the angle that Corbo’s murder was the work of a cult that reportedly operates in the hinterlands of Danao City and Carmen. / AYB / JKV