Corona supporters bring crusade online

Jonathan de Santos
Yahoo! Southeast Asia Newsroom

Supporters of impeached Chief Justice Renato Corona have brought their crusade online.

Through a website, Corona's supporters created to "(respond) to the mounting clamor from our people to have the Defense version of the impeachment."

"Events in recent months unfolded where the most vitriolic attacks were waged against one man and his family using all resources of the State in cahoots with mainstream media sympathetic to the Administration," a statement e-mailed to media said.

Creators of the website said it is "an expression of our gratitude to Chief Justice Renato C. Corona and his family who have taken this whole episode with courage, dignity, and honor."

The announcement of the website's launch was sent through the e-mail address that has been sending the Defense's press releases since March 28.

A section called "About CJ" lists his personal and professional history, his press statements, and speeches he has given.

"Corona is well aware of the dangers confronting Philippine democracy at this point in our history. He has stepped up and put everything on the line.  In this fight, the Chief Justice is the Judiciary and the Judiciary is the Chief Justice. Is he the man his accusers paint him out to be?," the website reads.

The site also has online copies of Corona's Answer to the Articles of Impeachment lodged against him, and of the opening statement given by the Defense when the trial began on January 16.

The section "Trial Watch" also features scenes from the trial and the biographies of Corona's lawyers. Another section, "Media Corner" has the Defense's press releases and YouTube clips of Corona's interviews with the media.

Statements of support either for Corona or for judicial independence were also posted on the website. The website listed statements from the Ateneo Law Alumni Association Inc., Integrated Bar of the Philippines, Philippine Judges Association, Philippine Women Judges Association, Philippine Bar Association, Philippine Constitutional Association and 12 other groups. One statement was from third-year law students of Jose Rizal Memorial University in Dapitan, Zamboanga del Norte.

The website is "a show of our strong solidarity and firm belief that the Chief Justice must be acquitted from all the baseless and trumped up charges leveled against him," the e-mailed statement read.

According to a whois lookup of the site, it was created on April 6 and is hosted in the U.S. It was launched the same day the Senate resumed trial.