Coronavirus symptoms start slow, and worsen quickly, doctors say (Shira Feder)
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    The issue I think a lot of people are going to have is distinguishing terrible hay fever symptoms and early onset of COVID-19. Both can cause congestion, cough, nasal drip, headache. When my hay fever symptoms start up, they're terrible for the first few days, even if I take Claritin; I sneeze, my nose drips, my eyes get dry, my head will feel funky because of the temperature fluctuations and because of that, my migraines come and go. Plus being cooped up indoors causes colds to run rampant. Anxiety, stress and acid reflux cause chest pain. It's just going to be tricky to tell what is what and when to worry.
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    I've had it. I'm certain of it. Mine didn't start slow. I think it has something to do with having done a high level of exertion with a difficult hike. I was fine before and during the hike. Right after the hike, tickly cough for a couple of hours, massive headache, progressed to chills/fever quickly. I actually took hot showers to help my body get into fever mode since I couldn't stop shivering. We need antibody tests to see who has had it.
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    Balanced investment
    Covid 19 has been here since early January. Trust me, I'm in the medical field and we had tons of people coming in with an unexplained illness that had the same symptoms.
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    I've had a slight fever and headaches for about a week, Great !!.. hopefully it will be a mild case.
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    Marvin J
    And what are the real, non-anecdotal numbers for people who progress to the moderate or acute phases of this ailment? I'm not asking facetiously...I'd really like to know...
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    So it seems there's an opportunity to disrupt the virus during the "slow burn" phase to prevent the deterioration during the 2nd week.
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    Cool Comments
    I'm convinced that covid-19 has been in the U.S. since this past Fall. I was sicker than I've ever been in my life for about 1.5 weeks back in early November. Somebody I work w/ was bed ridden for 5 days around New Years. My 2 year old had horrible flu like symptoms for about 1 week back in January.
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    My city in Texas had zero cases up until this past weekend...with now 6 confirmed. It was bad before with all the panic buying, but now its pandemonium.
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    I think that's why this virus has been so successful at spreading. People won't think much of the symptoms during the first week, and will spread the disease while gallivanting around.
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    I wish they would leave this part of reporting to specialist or doctors?