Cory Aquino scene in Maid In Malacañang trailer shown to be inaccurate

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Corazon "Cory" Aquino is featured in the Darryl Yap film Maid In Malacañang. (Corazon Aquino photo from AP)

Fans of actress Kris Aquino have debunked a scene from the trailer of the controversial film, Maid In Malacañang, involving her mother, the late Corazon "Cory" Aquino.

The trailer for the movie, directed by Darryl Yap, was released on Sunday (July 17).

Maid In Malacañang, supposedly a reenactment of the Marcos family's last three days in the Palace before they were forced to flee the Philippines during the EDSA Revolution in 1986, was made in consultation with Senator Imee Marcos, daughter of then-president Ferdinand Marcos Sr.

In the movie trailer, a woman in a yellow dress, whose face is not seen but can be presumed to be Cory Aquino, says on a telephone, "Get them out of the Philippines."

Cory led the People Power Revolution which ousted Marcos Sr. from power, and replaced him as president after his exile to the US.

Film's inaccurate depiction of what happened

Kris Aquino's official Twitter fan page, Kris Aquino World, took issue with the movie's presentation of history, sharing an account of events which suggested that Cory had in fact been sympathetic to allowing the Marcoses to stay in the country longer after they were driven out of Malacañang.

The fan site posted an excerpt from the book People Power: An Eyewitness History, which showed that Cory was willing to give the Marcoses two more days in the country to spend in their hometown Paoay.

"FOR YOUR INFORMATION," the fan page captioned the post.

On page 240 of the book, former Supreme Court Associate Justice Cecilia Muñoz Palma recalled what happened during Cory Aquino's phone call with US Ambassador Stephen Bosworth.

"On Tuesday evening, I was with Cory in the home of her sister, Josephine Reyes. There Cory received the phone call from US Ambassador Bosworth, telling her that Marcos was ready to leave but was asking to stay for at least two days in Paoay, his home in the North," Palma wrote.

"Cory's initial reaction was: 'Poor man, let us give him two days.' But we did not agree with that idea. We thought that given the chance, Marcos may regroup his forces or extend his stay indefinitely," Palma added.

Palma said that Cory had therefore called Bosworth back to say that she couldn’t grant Marcos' request, and that Marcos should just leave the country.

"When Ambassador Bosworth called her back, it was to say that Marcos had left. Cool as always, Cory turned to us after she put the phone down. She said simply: 'Marcos has left.' She said it as if it was the most ordinary thing. We all shouted jubilantly. Cory did not," Palma added.

Concerns over historical revisionism

The Aquinos have traditionally been political rivals to the Marcos family, since Corazon Aquino ousted Ferdinand Marcos Sr. from power and replaced him as president.

Kris Aquino and her brother, the late former president Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino, were Corazon's children.

The movie Maid In Malacañang, made by Darryl Yap, an outspoken supporter of President Marcos, is part of an ongoing controversy over fears that the Marcos family is attempting to revise history in order to depict themselves in a better light.

At a press conference for the movie on Sunday, Imee Marcos said, in response to accusations of attempts at historical revisionism, that her family simply thought that it was time that they told the story of what happened in Malacañang at that time, as they knew it.

Viva Films is reportedly rushing to complete the production of Maid In Malacañang in time for its projected release in cinemas in the first week of August.

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