Cosplay of the Day: San from Princess Mononoke

Tiffany L. Neri

Name: Marie Elizabeth Garvez

Cosplay name: Marel Garvez

Cosplay Character: San from Princess Mononoke

Social Media Handle:

Instagram: @marelcosplays

Facebook Page: Marel Cosplays

Why did you cosplay this character?

“Princess Mononoke was actually the first Hayao Miyazaki film that I watched back when I was still in college. What gave me the inspiration to cosplay the character was her strength and drive in fighting for awareness in our changing environment. What I love about this movie is it is more than just an animated film. It gives you a deeper understanding.”

How did you come up with the costume?

“I made this costume out of scraps of cloth. Then, I also made the accessories from scraps of materials that I had. It’s made out of paper mache. Then I just layered it with plaster of paris to give out a stony and slightly smooth texture.”

Cosplay Tip?

“One cosplay tip that I can share is to be resourceful when it comes to looking for materials. Ask for help from professional crafters too if ever you feel lost during the process. Also, one makeup tip that I would love to share is highlighters are your best friends in order to achieve a glowy and polished makeup.”