Councilor: Mandaue City now almost 50% ‘drug cleared’

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MANDAUE City in Cebu is now almost 50 percent “drug cleared,” with nine out of 27 villages now cleared from illegal drugs, an official said Monday, May 23, 2022.

Councilor Neriza Soon-Ruiz told reporters during a session Monday that the city aims to attain a 100 percent “drug cleared” status by September or not later than December 2022.

Under the Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB) Regulation 3 series of 2017, the “drug cleared” status is given to a barangay that was classified as “previously drug affected but was subjected to drug clearing operation and declared free from any illegal drug activities pursuant to the parameters set forth by the DDB.”

Soon-Ruiz said 18 more villages in Mandaue are set to be cleared from illegal drugs, stressing that Barangay Basak is the latest village added to the list of “drug-cleared” barangays.

Basak joined Casili, Paknaan, Tabok, Opao, Bakilid, Tawason, Tingub, and Subangdako when it was declared “drug cleared” last Friday, May 20.

Soon-Ruiz also said that five villages are about to attain a “drug-cleared” status by June this year, but added she could not disclose more information about this yet.

She said searching and convincing the drug personalities to surrender is difficult, as some of them are doubtful about the government’s rehabilitation plans for them.

"Some of the surrenderers do not believe that the government would return them into the right path of not using drugs once captured," she said.

She added that the Mandaue City Government is hoping that barangays that were already cleared from illegal drugs will be able to sustain their rehabilitation programs, so that the aftercare for the surrenderers will follow.

The aftercare will include releasing the surrenderers back to the community and providing them opportunities to be employed, go to school, and establish their own business, with the government giving them capital to invest.

Aside from Barangay Basak in Mandaue, six other barangays and three municipalities in Cebu also achieved their “drug cleared” status last May 20.

These villages include Baod, Kapingganon, and Botigues in Bantayan; Kabalaasnan and Pawa in Dumanjug; and Polog in Consolacion.

The municipalities are Madridejos, Santander, and San Francisco.

The drug clearing of barangays is part of the war on drugs campaign of President Rodrigo Duterte that was launched when he assumed the presidency on June 30, 2016. (HIC/LMY)

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