Couple drives hours to save estranged grandfather's dog: 'No way I was letting him be put down'

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A couple’s bittersweet story of how they got their dog has won the hearts of TikTokers

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When Ashton Hart got the news that his grandfather passed away from COVID-19, he wondered if any pets were left behind. Hart was estranged from his grandpa and hadn’t spoken to the man in six years. Soon, he discovered there was an orphaned dog. Not only that, but the canine was in danger of being put down since no owner claimed him. 

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Ashton and his husband drove three hours — and back — to retrieve the Australian Shepherd that they hardly knew. 

“We drove across the state to go rescue him,” Hart said in a TikTok. “He is an Australian Shepherd and extremely overweight. But beyond that, we don’t know about his past. Welcome home, sweet boy! Now, it’s time for a diet and activity change ASAP.” 

The video racked up 17 million views on TikTok. 

“Thank you for doing right by this sweet pupper,” a user wrote

“You’re going to love that dog. They are an amazing breed,” another said

“Thank you for saving him,” someone added

Hart and his husband named the rescue Oatmilk Latte. While Oatmilk Latte is liking his new home, the couple says the canine is still mourning. 

“While he is very very sweet, he definitely is grieving,” Hart told The Dodo. “Every day we’ve had him now, he’s been getting a little better, but it’s a process. Losing someone is hard, especially for dogs. They depend on us for everything.” 

Hart has worked largely in animal activism and was on his way to adopting a dog before Oatmilk Latte came into the picture. 

“It wasn’t a question we would adopt him,” he told The Dodo. “There was no way I was letting him be put down.”

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