Couple hacked to death by riding-in-tandem in Compostela

A MAN and his wife were killed after they were hacked by two unidentified motorcycle-riding assailants in Purok 1, Barangay Dap-dap in the northern town of Compostela, Cebu on Monday night, October 31, 2022.

The victims were identified as Cecelio Camanse Depositario, a construction worker, and Aicel Daño, a worker at Cebu Mitsumi in Danao City.

Cecelio bore a hack wound in the neck while Aicel was hacked in the nape.

The couple were on their way home in Sitio Tuhob, Barangay Licos, Danao City when they were attacked around 7:30 p.m.

Compostela Police Station Chief Lieutenant Andrew Rellanos said a resident in the area heard a loud thud around that time and went outside to check.

What he saw were the bloodied bodies of the couple slumped over their motorcycle and the attackers quickly fleeing on their motorcycle.

The witness did not see the faces of the riding-in-tandem but he said they wore black helmets and jackets.

Rellanos said they were looking at land dispute or road rage as a possible motive but they were not discounting other possibilities.

He said they would continue to gather evidence and interview the victims’ relatives.

Based on their initial investigation, the husband and wife did not have any enemies at work and were described as good persons.

“We believe the attackers were lying in wait because the road was a known short cut to Danao City,” Rellanos said in Cebuano.

Police ruled out robbery since the victims’ personal belongings were intact.