COVID-19 death toll in the Philippines climbs to 5

MANILA, Philippines — The Department of Health on Thursday (March 12), reported three new deaths from COVID-19 raising the Philippines’ death toll from the virus to five (5).

The casualties are identified as: PH6, PH5 and PH37.

PH6 was admitted at Cardinal Santos Medical Center on March 5 but was later transferred to the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine. She suddenly experienced difficulty in breathing and was intubated in the evening of March 11.

“She expired the same night from acute respiratory distress syndrome due to severe pneumonia secondary to COVID-19. Repeat chest x-ray showed progressive pneumonia.  PH6 was a known diabetic,” said the DOH.

Also on the same night, PH5, the husband of PH6, died due to acute respiratory distress syndrome from severe pneumonia secondary to COVID-19. He was a known diabetic and hypertensive who developed acute kidney injury, according to the DOH.

PH37 was admitted at the Philippine Heart Center on March 6 after experiencing onset of symptoms on February 28. PH 37 tested positive for COVID-19 on March 11 and was reported to be hypertensive as well. On March 12, the patient died of acute respiratory failure.

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