COVID Who? Pinay TikToker called out for chilling with homies sans masks

Coconuts Manila
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The Philippines’ COVID cases are reportedly on a downward trend but the country is still far from flattening the curve. This is why many were aghast when a young TikToker named Hazel Grace posted a video a few days ago which showed her spending time with her homies, without a single one of them wearing facemasks.

Hazel, who uses the TikTok account @queenluvs14, has taken down the video. However, a copy of it went viral on Twitter today where it was shared by someone named @iam_labs. Watch the video below, where Hazel shows off her “influencer” friends who came to visit her so they could collaborate on projects together.

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The video, described by at least one person as “cringey,” has been liked almost 34,000 times and retweeted almost 5,000 times. Most people are calling out Hazel and her friends for what they had done, such as @kottonkenny, who wrote, “[I]nfluencers? i don’t even know any of them.”

Another person didn’t like the fact that Hazel referred to herself and her friends as “influencers.” Wrote @helterskelltr, “If you call yourself an influencer, you’re missing the fundamental principle of what makes someone influential. it shouldn’t be a self-proclaimed title.”

“I don’t know anyone among them. Sorry influencers,” joked @ziqvillaroza_.

In a follow-up post, Hazel defended their soiree from one critic who asked why they filmed without practicing social distancing. She said, “There were soldiers and policemen around. We didn’t violate [any health protocols]. We just filmed TikTok without face masks but we were far from other people. We influencers, we have always been together. Before they came here, they made sure that they didn’t have COVID.”

However, Hazel eventually apologized. In another video, she said tearfully, “I just finished reading all of the comments. I admit that what we did was wrong…We didn’t wear facemasks when we were out in public because of TikTok. I’m sorry about that. I hope you will forgive me because everyone makes mistakes.”

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