This craft is designed for hunting and fishing enthusiasts

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For the outdoor enthusiasts who hunt and fish, an all-in-one vehicle to nest in, capture and transfer your wildlife game is, well, a game-changer. Wilcraft fishing and hunting vehicles provide a mobile solution to those fishing rod and hunting rifle carriers. The 4-wheel drive vehicle is created for hunting, fishing, ice fishing, and enjoying the open water. Yes, they can even be used as a boat to fish in calm waters. Wilcraft has also demonstrated its use as an emergency response vehicle when someone breaks the ice and falls into the frigid icy waters. The amphibious hunting vehicle weighs 1,150 lbs with a top speed of 20 mph and it can transition from land to water and back to land with ease. Wilcraft measures at 64-inches by 173-inches and has a weight capacity of 675 lbs. The hunting vehicle is equipped with LED head and tail lights, a bench, steel wheels, fishing holes, storage, and much much more.

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