‘Crazy Rich Asians’ author Kevin Kwan eyes Philippines as location for his next film

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Kevin Kwan, author of best-selling novel-turned blockbuster Crazy Rich Asians, said he is eyeing the Philippines as the location for his next film.

Kwan made the statement while he was in Manila, along with other Hollywood film producers, to attend the 21st World Travel and Tourism Council at the Marriott Hotel Manila.

““It’s a country with so many amazing locations, cultures, flavors, and of course, people. This is my fourth trip [here] and it’s always a pleasure to be back,” the author said. “It’s always surprising—I never know what will happen, but it’s always a grand adventure.”

While it is unclear whether the movie he’s referring to will be based on the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy, the third book in the series, Rich People Problems, features Palawan as a pivotal location in the story.

Award-winning film producer Lawrence Bender — who has produced films such as Pulp Fiction, Inglorious Basterds, and Good Will Hunting — was with Kwan in Manila and confirmed that one of the reasons for their visit was because they wanted to make a movie in the country.

“[Kevin] wrote a script, and it’s like a love letter to the Philippines,” Bender said.

Kwan also shared his thoughts on the impact novels and films have in boosting tourism.

“In case of (bringing the spotlight to) the Philippines, absolutely… For me, it’s about showcasing cultures… telling stories that are authentic to the place, to really celebrate that place,” Kwan said.

“You know, we did that with Crazy Rich Asians quite effectively. It boosted tourism [in Singapore],” he added, noting that many member’s of that film’s cast discovered the country like tourists as it was their first time visiting the city-state.

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