Creepy intruder lurking by condo window turns out to be standee of BTS’ Jin

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City dwellers of a certain residential complex in Manila can rest easy after the shadow of a creepy intruder lurking in a condo unit’s window turned out to be nothing more than a standee of Jin, a member of the ridiculously popular K-pop boyband BTS.

The standee owner, who goes by the handle @snowlight711 on TikTok, shared that she nearly gave neighbors a heart attack after they mistook the shadow of Jin’s standee as an intruder.

The BTS fan shared that her condo building’s administrative staff called her at 11:30pm because residents from the building opposite theirs reported that they were “very concerned and bothered” as they had been seeing a strange man peering from her window for days.


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“So how do I tell them it’s just my Kim Seok-jin standee? Oh my God,” she added, referring to the singer’s full name.

BTS stans loved the video, with many saying they related to the hilarious incident.

“LMAO this happened to me but with four standees — Jimin, JK, Jin, and RM. Our neighbors called up my mom asking why there were men in my room,” one shared.

“Anyone would be scared seeing that figure. Don’t do that to your neighbors, best action is to just give me your standee hahaha,” another commenter joked.

Others said that they appreciated the concern the fan’s neighbors gave, and praised her condo’s management staff for being alert and vigilant.

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