Cristine Reyes sparks separation rumours again

10 Oct – Cristine Reyes sparked rumours of trouble in paradise yet again when she dropped her husband's last name from her social media handle.

As reported on ABS-CBN, the actress, who previously went by the handle "mrscristinekhatibi" on Instagram recently, changed it back to her maiden name "cristinereyesss".

It is noted that husband Ali Khatibi is also not in her list of followers.

Reyes sparked rumours of marriage trouble back in May when netizens noticed that she no longer follows her husband on Instagram, and again in June, when Khatibi and their daughter were spotted celebrating Father's Day without her.

Earlier in January, the actress posted a prayer on Instagram that read, "Please guard my relationship with my husband and protect us against elements that tempt or taunt us to ruin what we have. Convict our hearts when we are wrong or un-righteous, fill us with a passion to get better and bless us with a deep love for each other in Jesus name AMEN!"

However, she denied that it had anything to do with her state of marriage, saying that she was only sharing a prayer on social media.

The couple, who tied the knot in 2016, are parents to one daughter, Amarah.

(Photo Source: Cristine Reyes Instagram)