‘Criterium Race: The Verdict’ a massive success

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AROUND 400 participants engaged in the “Criterium Race: The Verdict,” a cycling competition organized by the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) Cebu City and the Mandaue City Government presented by the event organizer Uban ta Bai’ke (UTB).

A race for a cause and promoting healthy living.

This was what lawyer John Dennis Fernandez, one of the event chairpersons, told SunStar Cebu at the race held at F.E Zuellig Ave., Mandaue City, across Cebu Doctor’s University on Sunday, July 18.

Fernandez said the open-to-all event was inspired by the continuous Covid-19 pandemic, which aims to encourage people to engage in health-improving activities such as biking to boost immunity.

The race that started at 6 a.m. and ended at 5 p.m. came with a P350 registration fee. Fernandez said the proceeds would be used to fund IBP Cebu City’s project “Humanity Behind Bars,” which started in April of this year.

Under the project, IBP partners with several government bodies and organizations aiming to decongest and improve penal facilities in Cebu so as to provide legal aid to the persons deprived of liberty.

The competition was divided into nine categories (Lawyers Men and Women, Open Women, 50 up, 40-49, 30-39, Mountain Bike (MTB), under 19, and 20-29), all of which are for 40 minutes each with three rounds.

Winners were given up to P5,000 for first place, P2,000 for second, P1,000 for third, P800 for fourth, and P500 for fifth place, including trophies and medals.

Maria Alice Lim-Angeles, first placer for the Lawyer Women category, shared how grateful she was to pursue her passion for cycling which she said was stopped for almost three months.

Lim-Angeles treated her winning as a pleasant surprise, stressing she had not practiced for a long time.

Philip Sainz, first place for the 50 up category, and Sumiso Basalan, first placer for the under 19 category, both stated that they were flattered to contribute a small amount of help in improving different penal facilities in the province.

All in all, the event was held successfully, and there were no crime-related incidents recorded while it was ongoing, said Lt. Col. Franco Rudolf Oriol of the Mandaue City Police Office.

It was also attended by some of the Mandaue City officials, led by Mayor Jonas Cortes, who advocates for Mandaue to be a sports capital in Cebu.

Fernandez said that with the successful turnout of the event, they plan to launch a triathlon soon.

Here is the complete list of the winners in each category:

Lawyers Men:

1. Mariano Hesus Cuenco (first placer)

2. Darwin Cula (second placer)

3. June Maratas (third placer)

Lawyers Women:

1. Alice Lim-Ingles (first place)

2. Hazel Miranda-Caraballe (second place)

3. Arlette Maratas (third place)


1. Philip Sainz (first place)

2 . JV Araneta (second place)

3. Haylen Bardaje (third place)

4.Rolando Pagnanawon (fourth place)

5. Rosendo Ybañez (fifth place)


1. Ramonito Espinosa (first place)

2. Albert Basirgo (second place)

3. Dongkey Sanchez (third place)

4.Lyndon Caraquel (fourth place)

5. Clifford Verzosa (fifth place)


1. Roy Carbonera (first place)

2. Jhano Canasa (second place)

3. Jerson Domingo (third place)

4. Delfin Delfin (fourth place)

5. Rico Pitogo (fifth place)

MTB Open Cut:

1. Jonel Carcueva (first place)

2. Samstill Mamites (second place)

3. Khalil Sanchez (third place)

4. Junreck Carcueba (fourth place)

5. Christopher Ceniza (fifth place)

19 under:

1. Sumiso Basalan (first place)

2. John Taperla (second place)

3. Dwight Santos (third place)

4. Ronan Pedroza (fourth place)

5. Andrew Ferrer (fifth place)


1. Jonel Carcueba (first place)

2. John Louis Alatraca (second place)

3. Ramon dela Cruz (third place)

4. Patrick Acbayan (fourth place)

5. John Carcueva (fifth place)


1. Lovely Getaruelas (first place)

2. Carene Manayon (second place)

3. Nancy Manipuesto (third place)

4. Tashcuh Sonata (fourth place)

5. Vylette Kaye Alvez (fifth place)

Special Awards:

1. Ramonito Espinosa

2. Rjhun Radana

3. Cedric Cabahug

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