The Crown Season 4 director reveals the inspiration for the palace mouse

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Photo credit: Sophie Mutevelian / Netflix - Netflix
Photo credit: Sophie Mutevelian / Netflix - Netflix

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Okay, it may not be the biggest controversy from Season 4 of The Crown (and there are lots to choose from) but eagle-eyed fans definitely had questions after spotting a tiny mouse scurrying across the Buckingham Palace set. Namely, was it an intentional dose of realism or a just a genuinely fame-hungry rodent looking to make its big-screen debut?

Thankfully, The Crown director Benjamin Caron has cleared up any confusion surrounding its brief appearance. It turns out that not only was the palace mouse intentional, it was also inspired by the iconic Disney film, Cinderella. A fairytale ending if ever I saw one.

Benjamin posted a shot of the scene on Instagram next to an image of the two mice, Jac and Gus, from Cinderella. He captioned the post "#fairytale @thecrownnetflix" alongside a cute mouse emoji.

Rebecca Humphries, who plays Carol Thatcher in the series, commented "I knew it", while many fans were quick to show their appreciation for the Disney connection. One wrote, "The visual storytelling was just stunning. Thank you so much for all of the little touches that all add up to something so fantastic."

It turns out the palace mouse isn't the only Disney connection in The Crown either, as Benjamin also shared a shot with a pumpkin in the background alongside an image of Cinderella's godmother turning a pumpkin into a carriage!

And one of the most stunning scenes of the series, when Princess Diana is looking out over the fireworks, is also inspired by Disney's opening sequence of fireworks behind a palace.

Anyone else suddenly got the urge to rewatch Disney's Cinderella?

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