Crushing it

Patricia May P. Catan

CRUSH On; materialized with the desire to provide a dining place where everyone can celebrate their happiness for food. The restaurant simply wanted to satiate the appetite of its customers with good food and at the same time meet their level of comfort with good ambiance. It was last Oct. 12, 2019 when the

restaurant officially opened to the public with a fascinating name that had a youthful vibe in it which means crushing on something or someone.

A unique and catchy name like Crush On; is something its customers won’t ever forget, but what’s more memorable is its take on western cuisine that everyone loves for its diversity. After a couple of reinventing and choosing the right ingredients, Crush On; had invented its own trademark taste with dishes that are not one’s ordinary meal.

From brunch, appetizers to soups and from mains, pastas to desserts, the restaurant offerings are just as diverse as it claims. A few standout dishes on its menu that are certified must-tries for first-timers are the happy family set, hamburger steak, American rib set, gambas al gillo, spicy grilled chicken and fondue, bulgogi, risotto, quesadilla, choco mountain, honey beef spaghetti and the rainbow cheese bread.

The overall dining experience at Crush On; is even more well thought out with three spacious eating areas for its hungry customers. Its outside dining area has a seating capacity of 24 customers and the inside space can accommodate up to 28 people, while the upper floor can seat another 28 patrons. Apart from the spacious floor area, the restaurant exudes a unique ambiance with a combination of modern, rustic and upgraded vintage interiors that makes it one of the handful of Instagrammable restaurants in the city.

Crush On; is a refreshing addition to the constantly evolving culinary scene in Cebu with its extraordinary food, unparalleled ambiance and exceptional service. The restaurant is located on Ayala Access Road, President Quirino, Corner F. Cabahug St., Kasambagan, Cebu City. It’s open Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. for brunch and from 6 p.m. to 12 midnight for dinner.