Cuenco: Beauty resolutions for 2020

I DON’T subscribe to New Year’s resolutions because I think ASAP is as good a time as any to try something you are interested in. However, since these are under my ASAP list and it’s still early in January, I suppose we can file these under resolutions or notes to self.

I will be more conscious about rotating and using more of my products. I was reminded of this when I had my annual closet cleanout and realized how many clothes are there but not being worn. It was the same with my cosmetics, which is more wasteful because cosmetics have a shorter life span than clothing.

I will do my best to stop hoarding. This is very hard because I’ve been fortunate enough to be sent anywhere from one to 30 lipsticks in one go by cosmetics brands and I want to try as many as I can. I of course also become curious and won’t depend on freebies to review something, so I have my personal purchases as well. I pass on shades I know won’t work for me, and every six months I conduct a decluttering because there’s no way I can use everything before these expire. I did pretty well on my last declutter of 30+ lip products, but I need to do better. I wasted a number of skin care products, many given for free, because I put the products in storage (hoarder alert) and forgot about their expiration dates.

I will strive to find more time for myself. I started on this in 2019 by trying to schedule more regular self-care sessions and simply have an hour or two where I don’t have to think about anything, whether it’s for a massage, professional facial, or having my nails done. I’ve realized down time is a must. There is always Netflix and sleep, but since my hair, skin and nails need looking after anyway, it’s a good opportunity for a little pampering.

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