Cuenco: Healthy lifestyles, healthy skin

Joanna Cuenco

AS THE biggest and most visible organ of the body, the skin is one of the most immediate indicators of one’s health. Those who eat nutritious food, regularly work up a sweat, and drink plenty of water will very likely have healthier skin than those who always eat junk food, have a sedentary lifestyle, or always indulge in smoking and alcohol.

Cetaphil, one of the top brands recommended by dermatologists, held a National Healthy Skin Mission last weekend to campaign that a balanced lifestyle should go hand in hand with a healthy skin regimen to keep you and your skin looking and feeling the best. The skin care brand invited personalities like Alice Dixson, Kaye Abad, Slater and Kryz Young and Gazini Gomez to talk about their lifestyles and skin regimens with their fans in SM City Cebu.

For the last segment on Sept. 29, host Christine Fernandez Fabian sat down with top vloggers/influencers and husband and wife, Slater and Kryz Young, along with Miss Universe Philippines 2019 Gazini Gomez and took in questions from their fans who attended the event. The famous personalities were met with plenty of excited shouts from the crowd in the mall’s lower ground floor and peering down from the upper floors.

Q: What is your biggest beauty secret?

Gazini: I prefer organic. I use coconut oil, Aztec clay mask, and calamansi. I wash my face and moisturize before I hit the sack. Aside from skin care, it’s very important to exercise and drink a lot of water. Try not to be under the sun too much. I also love buko juice. For modeling jobs, I sometimes wear a lot of makeup for 12 hours. If I break out, I just use tea tree oil.

Kryz: We put so much effort into our face, like sunblock and moisturizer, but we shouldn’t forget to moisturize the body too.

Slater: I had no skin care routines at all before I met Kryz, and I’m also allergic to a lot of products. Kryz advises me what products to use, including Cetaphil, and checks if I’ve cleansed and moisturized that day [laughing].

Q: When traveling, pack light or pack heavy?

K: Heavy. [laughing] You never know what’s going to happen. What if it rains?

S: Light, because I have to carry Kryz’s heavy stuff!

G: Light, because I don’t have anyone to carry my stuff for me. [To a resounding “Aww!” from the audience.]

Q: How do you encourage guys who don’t care about their appearance to start a skin care regimen?

S: Keep it simple. Just wash, tone, moisturize and use sunblock. If it’s too complicated, you’ll find it difficult to stick to it.