Cuenco: Lovely nails for Lunar New Year

Joanna Cuenco

KUNG Hei Fat Choi! As we celebrate the Lunar New Year this weekend, many of us are heading out to celebrate with the Chinese community, whether or not we ourselves are Chinese. In past years, this corner has shared inspirations to pull off red and gold makeup looks. I thought it would be fun to share some fun nail art ideas this time. Just think how pretty these will be while maneuvering chopsticks or opening your ang pao.

Year of the Rat

Since it is the Year of the Rat, and/or if you’re a Disney lover, it will be fun to put the world’s most famous friendly rodent on your nails. If you have a steady hand, this is fairly easy to do at home with a nail dotting tool. Just don’t forget to let the base color dry first before applying the dots so that the polishes won’t dent or run together. For those like me who don’t have such fine motor skills, you can always cheat with nail art stickers. If you only plan to sport Year of the Rat nails for a day or they just need to look pretty for a party, you can even apply regular tiny stickers sealed with clear nail polish.

Dragon Dance

You’re going to need a skilled nail artist for this one, but how cool would it be to have one of Chinese New Year’s most powerful symbols on your fingertips? You will have the most unique look out of anyone else.

Red and Gold

If prints and intricate nail art are not your thing, the two most popular colors for this holiday are gorgeous on the hands. A great plus is it will still be acceptable at most offices when work comes around on Monday. Add different textures and designs with an ombre effect or adding a half moon at the base of the nail.